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Center Structure

Center for Hospitality & Tourism Center Structure
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    Faculty & Special Instructors
    Course instruction, student mentoring, academic scholarship, various center support and HTM program management
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    Academic Director
    Curriculum and instruction, program planning and evaluation, faculty coordination, interdepartmental relations, finance development and communications
    (Faculty member with dual-appointment from Business Management Faculty)
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    Student Assistants
    Paid student staff to support administration, activities, and programs
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    Experiential Learning Coordinators
    Volunteer missionary couple to manage practicum and internships
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    Industry Advisors
    Experienced HTM leaders to provide insight, directions, best practices, development, and placement support.
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    Cross-Entity Collaboration
    The Center supports and advocates for the HTM program within BYUH, PCC, and the LDS Church Educational System.
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    Growth Strategies
    HTM Program Enhancement
    More dept, breadth, rigor, experiential learning, and faculty

    HTM Program Expansion
    Branding, awareness, enrollment growth

    HTM Program Engagement
    Industry profile, involvement, and support
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    Student Support Programs
    'Oi Kelakela
    Marriott Scholars Program, special honors, mentoring and scholarships for high-achieving students. 3.0+ GPA who are active in the Ho'okipa Student Society. Funded by the Marriot Foundation.

    Lecture series and networking with industry executives; industry events.

    Industry field trips, career exploration, travel with faculty, and management internship funding. Other industries and individual funding.
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    Curriculum for Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management
    Business Foundation

    Introduction to Business, Quantitative Reasoning, Accounting, Business Analytics, and Business Communication.

    HTM Core
    Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism, Tourism Geography, Tourism Economics, Destination Management/Marketing. Property Management/Guest Experience, F&B Management, Hospitality Management/Leadership, Hospitality & Tourism Marketing, Hospitality Accounting/Finance, Accommodations Operations, and Hospitality Law and Ethics.

    HTM/Business/Other Electives
    Attractions and Guest Experience, Meetings, Conventions and Events, Cross-Cultural Management, Business Leadership and Management, Sales and Customer relationships, Integrated Marketing Communications. Operations and Quality Management, Fundamentals of IT< Entrepreneurship, Wellness Tourism and Public Policy.

    HTM Capstone
    Case-based seminar course, Waikiki site and event visits
    Experienced Learning Requirement
    Courtyard/PCC Rotating practicum (Early in Academic Map) and Management internship (Senior Year).

    16-Credit HTM Minor also offered