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Everyone loves to travel. Billions of people depart each year seeking adventure, enrichment, relaxation, education, or a business deal. This growing world of tourism creates a huge demand for services, products, and experiences—and for team members who can develop and deliver them with a passion for great service. A major or minor from our world-class Hospitality & Tourism Management Program is the ticket to a rewarding, fast-paced, and fun career.


A wide range of student support programs supplement an excellent academic curriculum:

  • Learn from a relevant, rigorous, and real-world curriculum.
  • Gain first-hand knowledge and skills with experiential learning.
  • Leverage the extensive industry backgrounds and contacts of faculty.
  • Develop capabilities in leadership, management, operations, and guest services.
  • Build a network of student, faculty, and employer connections.
  • Launch an exciting career with one of our global industry partners.


Leadership, management, operations, and service position across all sectors:

  • Hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and vacation rentals.
  • Restaurants, banquets, and catering.
  • Airlines, bus tours, and rail transportation.
  • Travel planning and tour operators.
  • Destination marketing and government tourism agencies.
  • Conventions, meetings, and special events.